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Privacy and Security Policy


Through its website, the Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica may solicit personal information (for cases in which it is required, it will be noted). As such, the use of the Website implies that you have read and accepted our Privacy and Security Policy that is presented here, as well as our Terms and Conditions.

When accessing the website located at the address and all of the links to the web systems located therein (henceforth known as "Website"), which is property of the Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica, the user assumes the commitment to follow and comply with the terms and conditions that will be indicated below. In the event that the user does not agree with the terms and conditions of use, we request that you refrain from using the Website.

Collection and Use of Information


The privacy and security Policy of Procomer applies to the gathering and use of the information that you provide to use through our Website. Such information shall be used only by Procomer to accomplish its aims.

The Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica uses automated systems to detect and prevent digital attacks, thereby minimizing the possibility of suffering damages or alterations to the information available on the Website. These systems allow us to generate reports and logs of unauthorized access from and into our site.

The information shall be used with the aim that it was solicited for. The Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica respects your right to privacy, and shall not provide third parties with its users' personal information without the users' consent, as long as it is not required by valid laws.

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