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In the following map, you can find the contact information of the VUCE office centers located all over the country..


Download the user guides on the different modules of the VUCE system.


1How can I do the exporting registration?
The Single Exporter Registry (RUE) is a procedure to register companies or individuals with PROCOMER, it is completely free and is carried out through the VUCE 2.0 platform, you can enter the platform here.
For the preparation of the RUE download and follow the steps of the guide
or the legal representative can appear in person at any Single Window office in the country with their registration documents.
  1. Legal status (only for companies): With a maximum of 1 month of issuance.
  2. Identity cards up to date.
2My exporting registration is expired; how can I activate it?
The Single Exporter Registry (RUE) is valid for a period of 2 years, you can renew it 1 month before the expiration date by entering the VUCE 2.0 platform from here.
For the preparation of the RUE download and follow the steps of the guide
or the legal representative can appear in person at any Single Window office in the country with their registration documents.
  1. Legal status (only for companies): With a maximum of 1 month of being issued.
  2. Identification documents up to date.
3How can I access to the system so I can process the FADS?
The FADs procedures modules are activated by means of a request to the Single Window through a form which can be found at the following LINK in the “VUCE 2.0 system request form” section:
Filling instructions and attached documents are located on the last pages of the document. Or, the legal representative can go to any Single Window office in the country with the documents to make the request:
  1. Legal status (only for companies): With a maximum of 3 months after being issued.
  2. Identification document up to date.
4Which are the bank accounts and the corporate ID number linked to PROCOMER?
Legal ID: 3-007-196350
Bank Entity Account NO. IBAN Account Electronic Account Type of Currency
Banco de Costa Rica 200902-1 CR68015201001020090211 001-200902-1 Colones
Banco de Costa Rica 200900-5 CR39015201001020090054 001-200900-5 Dólares
Banco Nacional de C.R. 212962-5 CR78015100010012129620 100-01-000-212962-5 Colones
Banco Nacional de C.R. 611817-8 CR30015100010026118175 100-02-000-611817-8 Dólares
5How can I obtain and use the digital signature?
The digital signature is a device that associates the identity of a person with an electronic message or document, it is required in several procedures of the VUCE 2.0 system, including the preparation of FADs. The purchase can be made in public or private banks of your convenience.
Once you have the device, you must install the drivers on your computer or request digital signature support here.
6My package has been detained by customs and I need permission from “PROCOMER”, how can I obtain it?
Clarification: PROCOMER is the administrator of the system through which the permits authorized by the different public institutions that control the entry of products into the country are processed. Therefore, the approval process must be coordinated with the competent institution since PROCOMER is not the entity empowered to approve permits. You can see the contacts of the officials according to the permission you require in the following LINK
PROCOMER has prominent officials from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock at the Single Window for Foreign Trade who can advise you on the requirements for obtaining your permit, contact the following contacts:
Ministry of Health:, 2505-4815/2505-4820
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock: State Phytosanitary Service: 2505-4819 /2505-4825
National Animal Health Service: 2505-4830/2505-4822
7Which are the basic requirements to request a personal license permission of healthcare-related products such as: medications, food supplements, cosmetic products, food products, biomedical equipment, etc through a VUCE system?
1. Request the health authorities to analyze your imported products for personal use by sending the following to the email lo siguiente*:
- Commercial invoice or previous examination
- Transport document
- Medical certificate from SEDIMEC in the case of medications
*Keep in mind that the CIF value (cost+insurance+freight) of your import must not exceed $500 USD. ** Otherwise, this procedure must be carried out through a customs agency.
*In addition to the above requirements, the health authority has the power to request any other document that is necessary for the analysis of your request.

2. In the event that your products have been validated for importation by the health authority (after the analysis in point 1), you may process your permit through one of the following options:

2.1 Manual procedure, personally attending the Sabana Norte Single Window office, taking into account the following:
- Submit the documents from point 1 and any other requested by the health authority.
- Carry the identification document.
- Follow the instructions by the authority of the Ministry of Health who attends you.

2.2 Electronic processing through the customs agency of your choice.
*** The approval of your permit for personal use will be subject to compliance with all the requirements requested by the health authority.
8¿How can I register to receive information about training or events scheduled by the VUCE?
Find the events scheduled monthly on the VUCE Calendar section. Additionally, to be included on the Directory of External Links of the VUCE, please enter your information at the following link


In case of requiring any technical assistance for the use of our new computer systems, or any other question related to the previous processes of foreign trade, you can send us your application and we will gladly help you.

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