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The Single Window for Foreign Trade oversees the coordination of trainings aimed towards exporting and importing enterprises and customs agencies, in order to give basic instructions to people interested in the following the early processes for foreign trade.

The article No. 2, Reform of the Regulations Single Window for Foreign Trade System (Decree N° 43479), precisely states that one of the objectives of VUCE is to disseminate the information about the procedures and requirements done in the system. Additionally, the VUCE trains the staff members of the participating institutions on the VUCE system before any new implementation of this tool, so that they can carry out the corresponding controls for the entry or exit of affected products.

On the other hand, through the interinstitutional coordination, the VUCE works as a forum in which the participating government institutions of the VUCE system teach trainings for improving the exchange of information with users of the platform, so that it can optimize the time on commercial operations.

Trainings offered by VUCE

Pre-requirements for exportation

Directed towards staff/ enterprises interested in knowing the general aspects of the process and previous requirements of exportation and/or are developing a starting project while considering marketing their product outside of the country.



Directed towards people and enterprises that release their products under the customs regimes of Exportation and Transit and who are interested in presenting the Single Customs Declaration (DUAS, as per the Spanish acronym) directly to the Ministry of Finance through the VUCE system.

To be able to do this training, you must previously request the application process on the Module of DUAS.

If you are interested in more information about the Module on DUAS of the VUCE system, click on the following link.


Directed towards people, enterprises and customs agencies that need to process the Customs Clearance Authorization Forms (FAD, as per the Spanish acronym) for the importation, exportation or reexportation of those products subjected to the compliance of permits and controls from a governmental institution, in pursue of the human, animal, plant, environmental and cultural welfare, or the wellbeing of any specific private industry.

To receive this training, you must previously request the application process on the Module of Technical Notes on the VUCE system in which you can find more information by clicking on the following link


This training is targeted towards exporters interested in obtaining the necessary information and instructions for the appropriate distribution of origin certificates under the requirements of a Free Trade Agreement with a monitored certification.

To receive this training, the exporter must request it to the Unit of Origin after finishing the origin verification process of the exporting products.

If you are interested in more information about the Unit of Origin and other related aspects, click on the following link.


The VUCE also provides trainings related to different topics that contemplate the previous processes of foreign trade targeted towards all the involved public and private industries. These trainings can be offered as requested in the facilities of the applicant, or they can be previously coordinated in any of the governmental institutions involved with this system, as well as the other departments of the Foreign Trade Agency of Costa Rica, The VUCE offers its amenities to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the related sectors.

External Alliances Directory

VUCE has a Directory of External Alliances to whom trainings or events information are sent. If you want to be part of this Directory, you can register your information at the following link: Register my information.

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