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What is VUCE?


The Foreign Trade Single Window VUCE is a Directorate of the Foreign Trade Promotion Agency of Costa Rica that manages the information systems through which the processes before importation and or exportation are centralized and improved to achieve their insertion and competitiveness in the markets. This is because VUCE involves the different institutions that control the entry and exit of certain products to safeguard human, animal, plant, environmental, etc., welfare. Likewise, VUCE allows the private sector to comply with such controls and carries out other roles such as the Single Exporter Registry, the Certification of Controlled Origin for export, and the administration and maintenance of information systems for the electronic transmission of data, as part of the logistics of international trade.

Data updated on December 31, 2022.


The VUCE system promotes the simplification of foreign trade administrative processes. The Single Window VUCE System centralizes the technical requirements detailed by the participating government institutions to allow entry or exit of goods -in or out of the country- which by their nature and function, must be controlled to safeguard human, animal, plant and or environmental welfare. This simplification is possible thanks to VUCE's interoperability with the government institutions that are part of the system. In turn, the information systems register the rest of the services offered by the Single Window.

Services offered by VUCE



Destocking Authorization Forms (FAD in Spanish)


Customs Export Declaration


Issued certificates of origin


Completed Export Records


Training provided


Trained individuals


Certificates of Free Sale



Data for the period from January 01, 2022, to December 31, 2022.



The operation of the VUCE encourages new implementations and administrative changes in the government institutions involved, thanks to the constant improvements made to the computer system through inter-institutional coordination and the continuous training provided to officials in charge of performing technical controls on products. This, in turn, ensures the participation of users who interact through the VUCE System and obtain the benefits of using the tool, which equals time and cost reductions in their previous foreign trade operations.

History of the Single Window for Foreign Trade

Law No. 7638 established the current Single Window in 1996, with the creation of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Foreign Trade Promotion Agency of Costa Rica.

Objectives of the Foreign Trade Single Window System

  • Centralize previous foreign trade procedures to be authorized by the different governmental institutions.
  • Streamline and simplify preliminary foreign trade procedures.
  • Guarantee the existence of at least one office located in strategic geographic areas, where a significant number of companies make its establishment economically feasible. As part of the implementation policies of the foreign trade single window system, the opening of offices at the authorized points of entry and exit of persons and goods into and out of the country should be sought to decentralize its services to users.
  • Implement the necessary mechanisms so that previous foreign trade procedures are carried out through compatible electronic means.
  • Disseminate information on the procedures and requirements to be carried out in the Foreign Trade Single Window System.

VUCE - Organizational Structure

About VUCE

Work areas

By fulfilling the system's objectives, VUCE seeks to contribute to the achievement of the institutional mission related to foreign trade facilitation. These objectives are carried out within the framework of the four areas in which the Single Window operates:

Interinstitutional Coordination

There are 16 government institutions with which the VUCE coordinates the previous foreign trade processes related to technical requirements that products must comply with to enter or leave the country. We are continuously working on the review and automation of these processes for their implementation in the VUCE computer system, which avoids duplication of institutional efforts and centralizes the procedures on a virtual platform, making more efficient use of resources and providing greater ease of use for the user. In addition, the VUCE, together with the institutions participating in the system, organizes training sessions for the foreign trade sector to follow up on new procedures related to technical requirements. For more information on the institutions involved in the Single Window System and the services they offer, click here.

Assistance to the Foreign Trade Sector

VUCE services are aimed at exporting, importing companies and customs agencies which use computer systems to carry out previous foreign trade processes such as: issuance of import and export permits, preparation of the Single Customs Declaration (DUA), in addition to the basic aspects for the correct issuance of Certificates of Origin. At the same time, VUCE officials carry out personalized visits to companies to advise users on the use of computer systems and exchange areas of improvement in the processes. These consultancies are also given at the VUCE facilities on demand or on request it can be carried out virtually. In addition to the above, the VUCE has also prepared manuals and videos on the use of the VUCE system so that the interested party can consult them from their workplace, supporting them in the preparation of their procedures, achieving a reduction in their operating costs.

Certificates of Origin

The Origin Unit is part of the VUCE System. It is responsible for verifying the origin of companies before exporting their products under a framework of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that requires it. On the other hand, it provides the necessary clarifications to interested parties for issuing certificates of origin under the provisions of the norm. It includes training on origin issues for the foreign trade sector to promote the correct application of FTAs. Likewise, this Unit is responsible for carrying out a posteriori verifications of origin (at the party's request). For more information on the Origin Unit and to consult related documents click here.

Single Exporter Registry

The Single Exporter Registry was implemented thanks to the inter-institutional collaboration and the VUCE computer system. The registry is used by individuals and or companies that register with Procomer. It is a basis for exporters to register with any of the other 16 institutions that are part of the Single Window System. The registry centralizes the registration process for the export sector, avoiding repeating the process in different government institutions and facilitating the subsequent issuance of the FADs that must comply with this requirement. The centralized exporter registration in the same platform also contributes to the generation of reliable and updated statistics on the number of active exporters, their geographic location, productive sector, among other aspects. For more information about the Single Exporter Registry, click here.
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