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Certificates of Free Sale from the Ministry of Health

The Certificate of Free Sale (CLV) is the document issued by the Ministry of Health through which the health authority certifies that the product declared in it is sold freely in Costa Rica, given that it complies with all the respective sanitary standards for its commercialization. The CLV is part of the requirements to be presented by the importer in the destination country to process the nationalization of the product when so established.

Through the VUCE system, exporters can purchase and process the CLV required for products destined outside the Central American Customs Union.


To access the CLV module of the VUCE you must submit the application form following the corresponding instructions.

Likewise, customs agencies that would like to obtain the software may request it from the VUCE to issue the CLV of their exporting clients.

Press the following button where you will find the options to download the form.

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